A simple and intuitive solution for risk-based decision-making.

Risk Insights Explorer is an innovative solution that supports small and medium enterprises in evaluating the uncertainties that could impact their decision-making.

4D analytics is our simple-to-use scenario approach that enables everyone to model risk by answering simply structured questions.  Informed decisions can be taken because estimates are made using real measures such as cost, days, and percentage change.  Any estimate that is subject to uncertainty can be better addressed with Risk Insights Explorer.

Risk Connectivity is a unique innovation in understanding and addressing risk.  Explorer identifies and explains risk interconnectedness and in doing so provides an essential holistic view that promotes a broader and deeper understanding of your organisations risks, and presents this in a way that is both visually engaging and immediately actionable.

Synergy by integrating this holistic view of risk with simple-to-use estimate models, decision-makers get clear and communicable results in one intuitive application.

Risk Insights Explorer.  New thinking.  New Insight.

Welcome to a new vision of risk management.

Explorer Concepts and Values

Risk Insights Explorer is built on the following concepts and values.

Simple: Simplicity is a key design principle, which means you can produce a complete risk model in under 60 minutes. We take a simple scenario approach to estimating that enables everyone to model their risks by answering simply structured questions.  This simple approach to modelling directly links risks with objectives, so enabling informed decision-making.

Risk Insights Explorer - Connectivity Map
Risk Insights Explorer: Risk Connectivity Map

Informed Decisions:  Explorer embraces uncertainty, hugs ambiguity and tweaks the nose of variability!   Explorer identifies and focuses on the risk factors that matter  Calculations are transparent with result presented as a statement of plausible expected value within within a range of upper and lower limits, for example:

Sales for the period is expected to be £x in the range £y to £z

The activity is expected to take x days in the range y to z days

Total project cost is expected to be £x in the range £y to £z

Risk Insights Explorer: Probability Impact Picture
Risk Insights Explorer: Probability Impact Picture

4D analytics uses ranges to obtain impact estimates in terms of cost or time which is simple, plausible, and free of bias.  Explorers iterative approach facilitates learning and insight, while constructive complexity is achieved through the use of composite risks.

Visual:  Present your data as visually-stunning interactive graphs and maps. Explorer is a unique tool which identifies and assesses the connections between risks. You can explore significant risk interrelations, identify influential risk events, and appreciate the ripple effects of decisions.  Our focus on risk visualisation means you have a choice of graph options which are powerful and insightful.

Explore Risk Connectivity
Explore Risk Connectivity

Practical:  Explorer users need no technical skills nor a background in risk theory to be able to model risks quickly and transparently.  Explorer’s simple approach can be used to estimate and evaluate uncertainty against business goals whether for strategy development, horizon planning, or project estimates.

Risk Insights Explorer - Results Calculator
Risk Insights Explorer – Results Calculator

Connected: At Risk Insights we take a Holistic view, seeing complex systems like economies, organisations, or major programmes of work, as a series of interconnected sources of uncertainty.  Using advanced graph algorithms and 4D analytics, Explorer makes it possible to see and make sense of the connections between risks within even the most complex project or organisation.

Data Visualisation Example
Risk Insights Explorer: Explore Risk Connectivity


Explorer is very user-friendly: easy to understand and to use. Everything is built for ease of use from the user perspective.  The results are immediate supported by visuals which are highly innovative yet intuitive.

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