Exploring Uncertainty: The Trailer

Having fantastic artwork produced by the brilliant Mark Mitchell wasn’t enough for us here at Risk Insights.. we simply had to make Exploring Uncertainty: The Trailer.

So grab yourself some popcorn, darken the room and settle back for the best 96 seconds of risk-management based entertainment you’ll see this side of the England World Cup team defending a one-goal lead.

Oscar darling, we’re coming for ya!

Risk Insights Connects: An introduction to risk connectivity

Traditional approaches to risk management view risks as an “Event”, characterised by a single feature.

At Risk Insights we take a Holistic view, seeing complex systems like economies, organisations, or major programmes of work, as a series of interconnected sources of uncertainty – driving dynamic risk behaviour. Effective management of risk therefore requires a new approach and new thinking, understanding how risks influence one another within a whole.

Using advanced graph algorithms and 4D analytics, Explorer makes it possible to see and make sense of the connections between risks within even the most complex project or organisation.