Exploring Uncertainty: The Movie

Having fantastic artwork produced by the brilliant Mark Mitchell wasn’t enough for us here at Risk Insights.. we simply had to make Exploring Uncertainty: The Movie.

So grab yourself some popcorn, darken the room and settle back for the best 96 seconds of risk-management based entertainment you’ll see this side of The Donald, the FBI and a red button being in the same room.

Oscar darling, we’re coming for ya!

Why Risk Connectivity is important

When the interconnectedness of events is cited as being at the root of large-scale failure, why are risks still largely analysed and managed independently or in isolation?

At Risk Insights we have developed a unique tool which can help you identify and assess the connections between risks. In doing so you can explore significant risk interrelations, identify influential risk events, and appreciate the ripple effects of decisions. Identifying and assessing interconnectedness promotes a broader and deeper understanding of the risks to your project or organisation.

Welcome to a new vision of risk management. Contact us today for a demonstration.

Risk Insights Connects: An introduction to risk connectivity

Traditional approaches to risk management view risks as an “Event”, characterised by a single feature.

At Risk Insights we take a Holistic view, seeing complex systems like economies, organisations, or major programmes of work, as a series of interconnected sources of uncertainty – driving dynamic risk behaviour. Effective management of risk therefore requires a new approach and new thinking, understanding how risks influence one another within a whole.

Using advanced graph algorithms and 4D analytics, Explorer makes it possible to see and make sense of the connections between risks within even the most complex project or organisation.